Acknowledgement Of Confidentiality Agreement

(ii) The specific supplier prices provided for in the agreement between CCPA PP and Prospect The Prospect agree to compensate, defend and hold UNscathed CCPA PP and its employees, executives and directors of and against any claim (including the cost of the investigation and defence of this agreement and any damage caused) resulting from a breach by the prospectus of this agreement. The undersigned, a potential business partner (“Prospect”) of CCPA Purchasing Partners, LLC (“CCPA PP”), is reviewing potential business opportunities and/or is considering an agreement with CCPA PP and therefore has access to supplier prices and other proprietary information. In the case of CCPA PP in the management of the above agreements, the undersigned herein confirms that Prospect will not disclose any of the following information to third parties: The parties expressly agree to comply with these confidentiality and confidentiality obligations electronically in order to be bound by the terms and conditions of these agreements, as expressed electronically, and the use of an electronic signature system as the parties` intention to be linked to these conditions. You can obtain, on written request, a copy of the obligation of confidentiality and confidentiality by contacting ccpa business partners. (i) protected business information that is not available to the general public and is collected by the prospectus; Or maybe.