Canzuk Agreement

As the UK completes its transition period with the EU, the government should seek new diplomatic arrangements with Canada, Australia and New Zealand (CANZUK) and formulate reciprocal migration agreements and trade agreements between these countries to improve working and displacement opportunities for citizens. Critics believe that the CANZUK project, as a geopolitical construction in the 21st century, would make no sense. In April 2016, Nick Cohen wrote: “It is a Eurosceptic fantasy that the Anglo-sphere wants Brexit” and highlights the gradual separation that has taken place between different states in legal and political culture since the end of the British Empire. [70] It has been argued that geographical separation limits the value of such a Union, in line with general economic opinion, which considers that “the distance and size of trading partners are more important than historical links in determining trade relations between countries.” [71] Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd reiterated this assessment, stating that “like any Australian, Canadian and New Zealand government that, regardless of what it can, would do everything in its power to conclude new free trade agreements with the United Kingdom, 65 million of us do not fall into a bull bull frenzy of the British market of 450 million Europeans.” , describes the idea as “Bollocks.” [72] In New Zealand, ACT New Zealand expressed support for a “free zone,” with Head of State David Seymour saying: “Prosperous nations like Britain and New Zealand should not build walls and close to each other if it is the exchange of ideas that has made our nations so prosperous. Brexit offers new options, while Britain is turning away from European immigration. Let`s talk about Britain with a two-way agreement on free movement. [57] While CANZUK International`s primary objective is free movement between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, the organization has also prioritized enhanced visas between countries. In an interview with ABC News, Skinner said, “In the meantime, a five-year work visa could be introduced for all under 31s… this visa could then be extended to people under 35 or 40 years of age. Progress could then be made in increasing the work visa from five years to seven or ten years and, finally, towards full freedom of movement, by negotiating an accession agreement for Canada and the United Kingdom to join the Trans-Tasman Travel Agreement. [18] Faced with the distant withdrawal of a free trade agreement with the United States and the possibility of a non-deal Brexit, Britain is still looking for a role in the world.