I’ve known Robin Lee since we were both twelve-year old mods. We grew up, he moved down to London, I stayed in Hull and we’ve kept an eye on each other’s work ever since. When he first showed me the images of the tattooed hearts that eventually formed the central work of Regrets I was immediately struck by the strange combination of brashness and subtlety. I thought they were beautiful. Robin’s initial idea was for me to write haikus to accompany each piece. I duly scuttled off and sketched a few out but they seemed a bit lacking, too insubstantial alongside the weight of the images. So I tried to hear the voice of each heart’s owner in my head and recorded their words as best as I could. I also explained the concept to the lads in my prison writing group and they came up with the bulk of “Waster” and “Abuser”, which I also incorporated into the resulting monologues. Between us, Robin and I got in touch with various actors and voices and we mixed everything together on top of some Brian Eno Phone App drones up in Hull with my old sonic sparring partner John Rowley. The end result of all this will be exhibited at Barts Pathology Museum in London in February 2015. Please come along. There are links below for tickets and also a video trailer to whet the appetite. I think it’s going to be very special. Most things Robin gets involved with are.