Visual Paradigm License Agreement

A site license allows the use of Visual Paradigm on multiple computers within the same site (for example. B a company or government authority) under the same email domain name. The transfer of the license to third parties or other sites of the same company is not permitted. Visual Paradigm must be run with a valid license key. The various licensing options listed on this page vary depending on prices and functionality. You must not copy, modify, sublicensing or distribute the software. Any attempt to copy, modify, sub-license or distribute the software automatically terminates your rights under this license. When you use our service, you need to download customer software (“Software”). Visual Paradigm International Ltd. heresy grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license that can be revoked for the use of the Software, only for access to the Services.

Your license to use the software will be automatically revoked if you violate these conditions in a way that involves our intellectual property rights. We reserve all rights that are not expressly granted under these conditions. You don`t have the right to redevelop, decompilize the software, try to do it, or help someone else. Our services can automatically update the software on your device when a new version is available. Educational institutions that adhere to the Academic Partner program are entitled to academic licenses for visual paradigm. The academic license is not limited to on-campus use, but can also be used by students and teachers. The floating license supports the sharing of the pool of licenses for your team. Instead of purchasing an individual license for each team member, you optimize your budget by acquiring floating licenses for the maximum number of software users or simultaneous access points.

This approach allows for greater flexibility in the use of our software. Users can then export the license files to a laptop to use the software outside the location (for example. B to provide a presentation) and then import them later to the server. Services may contain links to websites or third-party resources. Visual Paradigm International Ltd. does not support and is not responsible for their availability, accuracy, content, products or associated services.