Mimecast Agreement

When your company mandates Mimecast to provide Mimecast`s products and services (together the “Services”), your company and Mimecast will enter into a separate usage agreement that regulates, among other things, the use of all information collected and managed by Mimecast in the operation of the Services, including data collected on certain functions made available to customers via the Site. Any agreement between your company and Mimecast prevails over all the conflicting provisions of this privacy policy. Your user agreement applies to your use of our customer portal as well as all personal data provided or generated by the creation of your user account and your use of the customer portal. Welcome to Mimecast! Mimecast is a global company with branches in Europe, North America, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. We deal with companies that have branches in these jurisdictions and around the world. Our website (the “site”) www.mimecast.com, informs about our products and services and is operated by Mimecast Services Limited. Mimecast Services Limited is headquartered at 6th Floor, Citypoint, One Ropemaker Street, London, United Kingdom, EC2Y 9AW (registered in England and Wales, 4901524). To help you with your data protection efforts, please download the Mimecast Data Processing Agreement (DPA), which contains revised or additional provisions regarding the processing of personal data from your underlying service contract. The data protection authority deals with issues such as review, injury communication, data transmission and the technical and organizational measures we have. The DPA contains in our services the requirements of Article 28 of the RGPD for contracts between controllers and processors and is necessarily adapted to our unique platform, processes, procedures and services.

In addition, the data protection authority also contains requirements for businesses and service providers under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA). If you already have a privacy statement with us and/or are looking for help in your ccpa compliance efforts, please download the CCPA Addendum Mimecast, which contains additional provisions regarding the processing of personal data in your underlying service contract. The CCPA addendum addresses issues such as restrictions on the sale of personal data and notifications in the event of infringement and processing of consumer requests. To continue to help you and in part in addition to the DPA addendum and CCPA, our Trust Center at www.mimecast.com/company/mimecast-trust-center/ has a specific privacy area and contains a lot of information you need when evaluating Mimecast based on your internal needs.