Permanent Alternate Accommodation Agreement Draft

… Accommodation must be paid by the plaintiff to Defendant No. 1 (i) an amount of Rule 18.93.780/- in the Property Fund and (ii) for temporary replacement accommodation, the plaintiff must also pay defendant No. … to carry out the permanent alternative accommodation contract and also for the registration of the contract before the competent authority as well as strictly and… scrupulously comply with the terms of the permanent alternative accommodation contract. Any additional stamp duty to pay for this permanent alternative… Implementation of individual agreements with each of the members, which they describe as “deferral agreements” for the transfer of territory in their profession to temporary alternative accommodation. The Shifting Agreement provides that…

This agreement on alternative permanent housing was signed in the Shifting Agreement for… (ii) that the parties had agreed, in accordance with Article 13 of the Shifting Agreement, that between the parties would … contract for permanent alternative accommodation on 17 February 2000 between M/s Cozyhome Builders and the late A.P Fernandez. It is recorded and considered an exhibition “P7… As soon as an agreement is reached by the payment of the necessary stamp duty and its registration, the owner cannot cheat or terminate the contract. … only through payment orders or project needs. (II) As long as a permanent alternative accommodation contract, the registration area must be located within the… 60 days from the date of implementation of the agreement in question. This must be taken into account for each of the dwellings, including the members of the apartment we have as complainants.

(III… terms of the agreement or directions. (IV) We insert the partnership company to continue the program with enthusiasm and all intent to carry out the project as agreed… 13.4.2010 was signed between the developers, the Company and the members. The permanent alternative accommodation agreement of 5.5.2010 was concluded between the developer, the company and the member with… from the date of payment of the second instalment. The application was filed after 17 months with the intention of delaying payment and registration of the permanent alternative accommodation Sanation convention of 5.5.2010…. No. 1 and 2 explained it.

No. 1 is always ready and eager to get individual agreements for the offer of permanent alternative accommodations and, in fact, stamp duty has been… In accordance with the amendment to section 25, point (d), of Act 1 of the Bombay Protocol Act 1958, even if the association submits a letter of attribution for the new dwelling in the new building, the same thing is treated as an agreement and the applicable stamp duty must be paid. It is therefore imperative to execute the agreement for the new apartment with the owner. …) Defendant Part 4 has handed over property surrenders to defendant No. 1 for the rehabilitation, c) the permanent alternative accommodation contract is also located between defendant No. 1 and defendant No. 4 and (d) the rent of… stopped paying the undated.