Rental Agreement Office Depot

The office products market is very competitive and we compete locally, both domestically and abroad, with office supply distributors such as Staples, internet companies like, mass distributors like Wal-Mart and Target, wholesale clubs like Costco, Sams Club and BJs, computer and electronic supertables like Best Buy , food and drug markets, discount stores and direct marketing companies. Many competitors have also strengthened their presence by expanding their range or expanding retail to supply and e-commerce chains, while others have much greater financial resources for buying, marketing and selling their products. Product prices are also increasingly competitive, especially among internet competitors. To achieve and maintain expected profitability, we must continue to grow by adding new customers and gaining market share from competitors. In addition, consumers are using more technology and buying less paper, ink and toner, physical file storage and general office equipment. CompuCom Division works in a highly competitive, fast-paced environment and subject to changing customer needs and expectations. We compete with companies that offer IT services and outsourcing, as well as those that sell IT products. If we are unable to (i) provide technology solutions and services that meet the needs of consumers; (ii) products in stock that are up-to-date and one of the latest trends in the rapidly changing technology environment; iii) set themselves apart from other retailers that sell similar products; and (iv) compete effectively, our performance in terms of revenue and finances could have a negative impact. In 2017, we announced a multi-year strategic transformation from a traditional office products distributor to an omni-channel business, product and technology provider, including the acquisition of CompuCom. As part of the new strategy, we will expand our technology and business services offerings and accelerate the delivery of new subscription-based services, including expanding our service offering, to meet the needs of small businesses. As part of this multi-year strategic deferral, we anticipate additional costs over the next few years, including fees, severance pay and other related costs. Pending the sale of individual transfer groups, cash may be moved between non-prosecuted entities and prosecuted business entities.