Va Mobility Agreement

Paragraph (a) proposed would be parallel to the current Article 17.610 (a). This proposed paragraph would stipulate that if the participant does not accept the payment or orders the school not to accept the PAYMENT under the VIOMPSP premium, he or she must pay the United States US$1,500 in liquidated damages. This dollar amount would be in addition to all services or other obligations arising from the agreement. We draw attention to the fact that this claims provision only applies if the participant refuses to pay the scholarship or urges a school not to accept such a payment. In these cases, we have not yet invested in the applicant and our costs have not been significant. In addition, the damage caused by such a refusal (monetary and non-monetary damage, such as the dismissal of the VA. B to refuse another person`s application on the basis of the approval of the person`s application) resulting from such a refusal are similar between the two programs. Therefore, it is appropriate to cover the amount of US$1,500 of liquidated damage for the VIOMPSP that is required for the HPSP. We also recognize that the status applicable to the VIOMPSP may not take into account damages expressly liquidated, but we believe it is appropriate to adopt such a provision on the basis of our rule-making power.

Liquidated damage is easier to manage, reduces administrative costs and allows for an effective solution to this issue. We propose to change the title of the section “[e]ligibility” to “[e]ligibility for the HPSP.” Paragraph (a) (1) stipulates that a participant must be admitted to registration or be registered as a full-time student in an accredited school in a Member State. We draw attention to the fact that the participant must be “unconditionally accepted for registration” to indicate that the participant`s registration is not conditional on meeting a condition or requirement that the participant may or may not meet at the beginning of the school year. This condition or requirement may prevent a participant from enrolling in a school and, as such, lead the participant to violate the acceptance agreement.